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Reasons why developers use Android Studio

There are reasons why Android is still one of the most used mobile platform systems even if the iOS has some extensive advantages to use it. Across the globe, Android is still used widely and there are so many reasons for that. If one asks a developer, he will tell you why he still prefers Android over ios.  Here, in this blog, some of these reasons are discussed in details and why the future of the Android system is bright : Multitasking is Easy Being a user, people have still had many problems with multitasking when it comes to iOS and it is not just made for the same. There are many limitations of the iOS system when it comes to notifications and multitasking. Also, there are many developers complain about the same. Also, the presentation of the notifications in the model dialogs are not up to the mark and this is serious issue. However, thanks to the Android, it offers some excellent features called the desktop operating system that runs the apps in the background and it is somet…